Information Literacy @ Kent Library

Fundamentals of Oral Communication


Finding credible information worksheet
Practice using library subscription sources and the public web to find information on a topic. Opens in a new window.

Library subscription reference sources
Resources for finding topic overviews & background information.

Library subscription databases
Resources for finding magazine & journal articles.

Tools for searching the "public" web
Links to subject directories, search engines, reference sites, and deep web tools.

Evaluate websites and web pages
Criteria for evaluating information on the public web.

Cite sources in MLA style
How to use MLA citation style to cite public websites and articles.

Cite sources in APA style
How to use APA citation style to cite public websites and articles.

SC105 course page
The official course page for SC105.


Instructor: Claudia Ruediger
Department: Kent Library
Email:; Office: KL323; Phone: 573-986-6793


Created by Claudia Ruediger and Matthew Olsen, Kent Library, Southeast Missouri State University 2009.
Updated 9/16/2013.